The moment Charlie's Mum found her, at the age of 6, covered in bubbles scrubbing a cafe's bathroom it was evident she had an eye for detail. This was later re-affirmed when she threaded 4,536 beads for her final degree collection (she promises she doesn't have an OCD problem!)

Having a background in both marketing and styling, working for some of the UK's leading textile and interior companies, Charlie has an invaluable contact list and a wealth of experience budgeting projects, sourcing locations, booking set builders and producing unique results whilst working to tight deadlines. Able to keep calm and thrive under pressure, Charlie is always up for a challenge. 

some things Charlie loves: the smell of cut grass, sitting in a cafe people watching and finding a treasure at a car boot.

some things Charlie dislikes: severe hay fever due to smelling cut grass, getting caught people watching and being beaten to a treasure at a car boot.